A 2013 design strategy for the community artworks which appear around the new MMU Birley Fields campus construction hoardings. The design is based on a ‘hands’ concept, representing community identity and cooperation, and uses photographs of local community hands to guide and inform passers by. The project included mentoring a group of undergraduate students from Manchester School of Architecture and Manchester School of Art’s ‘Unit X’ in their own hoardings proposals, as well as volunteering in painting the hoardings. I sat on the judging panel for artwork proposals alongside University staff, Sir Robert McAlpine and GBBS representatives.  The design strategy and artworks help transform the 3km of generic blue construction hoardings into an exciting and engaging exhibition space.

Birley Fields hands_hoardings2
The community hands concept applied to a hoardings graphic


Birley Fields hands_volunteering


Birley Fields hands_hoardings1


Birley Fields hands_photography
Photographer Pete Hill snaps community hands at ‘Hulme Is Where The Art Is‘ festival


Birley Fields hands_poster
Concept image for the ‘hands’ design strategy